Do you have a personal injury case involving the negligent use of an AED or a malfunctioning AED? Did you experience the loss of a loved one who suffered a heart attack or cardiac arrest in the vicinity of a building equipped with an AED?

Every case is different. At The Law Offices of Craig Goldenfarb, P.A., we’ve helped many families of victims of sudden cardiac arrest secure compensatory awards for damages, pain, and suffering as the result of a loved one sustaining fatal injuries while an AED device was nearby, or die to the failure of a malfunctioning device.

Sometimes the defibrillator is defective; sometimes it simply doesn’t work because the batteries were not charged.

You’ll never know unless you ask. Ask us.

You could be entitled to compensatory damages as a result of this tragic incident.

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AED Cases We’ve Handled

Man Dies of Heart Attack on Cruise Ship Not Equipped With AED

A husband, a father, and a hard-working Lake Worth man suffered a heart attack while on-board the Palm Beach Princess, a West Palm Beach-based casino boat. The ship was not equipped, but should have been, with a functioning AED device, which could have saved his life.

Lawyers at The Law Offices of Craig Goldenfarb settled the case for the family for a confidential amount.